Monday Movies That Will Energize Your Mood

The South Indian film industry provides audiences with a rich audio-visual experience. The Telugu movie industry, especially, deserves a special mention. It is arguably the most vibrant of the south Indian film industry. The attention to detail, foot-tapping music, pompous sets, energizing dance moves, behind-the-scenes production quality, and impressive performances are some of the qualities of the Telugu film industry. Fans line up in front of theatres to catch a glimpse of their superstars on the big screen. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the movie business had slumped considerably. But it has found a way to cater to the shifting customer preferences by utilizing platforms like OTT. Most people stayed back home during the lockdown; however, the industry made sure they did not stop entertaining the audience with their stellar productions. People were introduced to a whole new way of watching movies, the OTT platform. So, instead of flocking the theatres, they can now watch movies online. Cinema lovers can now catch the latest Telegu blockbusters on OTT platforms like Aha. A comprehensive collection of films and web series makes Aha a great OTT platform.

The Telugu film industry has seen some very impressive movie releases in 2020 and 2021. These films are a testimony to the dedicated efforts and seamless coordination between the director, cast, and the technical crew. One such movie is KanuluKanuluDochayante movie online. It is an engaging watch that keeps the viewers hooked till the very end. Let’s review it.


Siddharth (Dulquer) is an engineer who takes the wrong path in life to make easy money. Over time, he falls in love with Meera (RituVerma). He decides to settle down in life and heads off with Meera and his friends to Goa. He gets a shocking surprise when cops ransack his village. Why that happened and how the characters interconnect is what the movie is all about. Dulquer Salman looks hot in the role of a conman and does justice to his role. Ritu Varma is both cute and bold in her role. Director Gautham Menon plays the role of a cop to perfection. Anish Kuruvilla gets a meaty role in the movie playing a wealthy business person. Rakshan evokes good humor. The first ten minutes seem dull and boring as the love story fails to engage. The movie takes a lot of time to get going. The songs are weak. If you watch the film thinking it is a love story, you will be in for a rude shock. The camerawork is superb. The production design, dubbing, and art direction are of top quality. The director Periyasamy has done an excellent job. The movie contains thrilling moments that keep the viewers engaged. Leaving aside the sluggish start and some illogical moments, the film is an engaging watch for people who love watching crime thrillers.


OTT platforms such as AHA have made watching movies online easy and convenient. With a vast collection of movies and shows, Aha is a must-have OTT platform for all. As the uncertainty around Covid-19 continues to grow, and with social distancing measures in force, it makes perfect sense to subscribe to Aha. Subscribe to Aha today and enjoy more movies like KanuluKanuluDochayantefrom the comfort of your home. And you can stream many new Telugu movies online on aha app.

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